White Transducer for Equine Therapeutic Ultrasound

The White Transducer features a focused concave contact head and pulsed ultrasonic emission to generate very intense acoustic effects and mechanical vibration.

The focused concave head was conceived to treat calcifications, since it generates a super-focused emission. In fact the ultrasonic emission is further focused by the concave shape of the tip. You should always try to have the best possible adhesion between the transducer and the area to treat, since air does not allow ultrasound propagation: this is the reason why you need to make sure there is always gel between the transducer head and horse hair.

The White transducer generates the following acoustic effects:

  • stable cavitation
  • acoustic streaming
  • micro-streaming
  • mechanical vibration


Each EQ Pro Therapy transducer comes with a total treatment time of 150 hours (or 9,000 minutes or 600-900 treatment sessions). After the expiration of the 150 hours a new transducer must be purchased.

EQ Pro Therapy transducers are guaranteed only for the treatment hours assigned by the manufacturer to each transducer (150 hours). After 24 months from the transducer purchase date, the transducer warranty will expire anyway, regardless of the amount of treatment hours still available. Please check our Warranty Terms.

CAUTION: Federal Law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a licensed veterinarian.

white transducer for equltrasound therapy
eq pro therapy for horses with white ultrasound transducer

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