Please note that because of FDA restictions, EQ Pro Therapy must be prescribed by a licensed veterinarian. It is recommended that a full orthopedic and neurological check is done to the equine patient prior to treatment prescription.

An appropriate EQ Pro Therapy treatment plan for rehabilitation and recovery is built upon an accurate diagnosis and detailed understanding of the equine musculoskeletal condition to treat. Treatment areas should be defined after a proper diagnosis, which can be achieved through palpation, radiography and ultrasonography; also computed tomography (CT), MRI, and nuclear scintigraphy might be beneficial in select pathologies.

An accurate veterinary diagnosis is important in order to direct the ultrasound emission toward the area where they are more needed. Without an accurate diagnosis by a licensed veterinarian about the condition and areas to treat, the outcomes of the EQ Pro Therapy may not be satisfactory.

Make sure that the patient does not suffer from any of the conditions reported in our Contraindications below.

eq pro therapy horse back treatment

Do NOT treat the following areas: head and eyes, uterus and testicles, heart area.
Treatment should NOT be performed if the horse has any of the following conditions: lymphangitis, thrombophlebitis, pregnancy, tumors or cancers, metal prosthesis.