ultrasound therapy for horses
eq pro ultrasound therapy

EQ Pro low frequency equine ultrasound therapy induces the following effects within biological tissues:

  • diathermy  (deep thermal effects)
  • intense acoustic effects
  • mechanical vibration

Diathermy / deep heat is generated only by EQ Pro continuous emission transducers (Red Transducer and Yellow Transducer) and induces deep thermal effects with minimal increase of skin surface temperature. Diathermy contributes to increase cellular metabolic activity and enzymatic activity, since it produces vasodilation and raises the local demand for oxygen and nutrients. As a consequence deep heat also accelerates the removal of waste substances generated by the injury (histamine, prostaglandins and bradykinin, which contribute to sensitization of nerve fibers and pain). Diathermy allows for pain relief and a faster recovery of the treated areas.

The intense acoustic effects generated by EQ Pro Therapy are absolutely painless also for calcific pathologies, where shockwaves are usually employed. Shockwaves are painful and horses often must be sedated for treatment. With specific transducers EQ Pro Therapy generates intense mechanical effects (Grey Transducer and White Transducer), similar to the ones obtained with shockwaves. Horses can tolerate EQ Pro Therapy treatments without the need of sedation. Please note EQ Pro Therapy can be used as a substitution to shockwaves, but works greatly also as an adjunct device to shockwave therapy. In fact utilizing EQ Pro Therapy in between shockwave treatments maximizes the effects of shockwaves for a faster recovery.

A strong mechanical vibration is generated by EQ Pro Therapy pulsed emission transducers (Blue Transducer, Green Transducer, Grey Transducer and White Transducer). The consequent mechanical non-thermal effects increase cellular metabolic activity and blood micro-circulation, resulting in increased oxygenation and enzymatic activity.

Compared to traditional high frequency ultrasound therapy (1/3 MHz), EQ Pro Therapy produces a more effective and deeper action for a faster recovery in the treatment of equine muscles, tendons, ligaments and joint structures. In fact EQ Pro longwave ultrasound therapy (38 kHz +/-2) allows much deeper penetration and very strong acoustic effects (stable cavitation, acoustic streaming and microstreaming).

Because of the substantial differences with traditional therapeutic ultrasound devices, we were able to patent the technology (Patent No. US9586062).

Please note that since EQ Pro Therapy is a powerful device and FDA requires it to be sold to licensed veterinarians or under veterinary prescription.

The EQ Pro Therapy generator transforms electrical energy into acoustic pressure waves and controls low frequency piezoelectric transducers. The internal microprocessor continuously monitors and adjusts the generated oscillatory movements to guarantee safety and performance.

Through the use of six different transducers, EQ Pro Therapy is able to modulate a wide range of emissions, so that with the same device several different muscular, joint, tendinous and bone conditions can be treated.

CAUTION: Federal Law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a licensed veterinarian.