Vetel Diagnostics and EQ Veterinary Providing Revolutionary Treatment for Equine Musculoskeletal Conditions

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San Luis Obispo, California – Vetel Diagnostics and the Vetel group of companies continue their evolution in providing the best physical therapy modalities for treating equine injuries. Partnering with EQ Veterinary, Vetel now offers low-frequency therapeutic ultrasound devices specifically designed to treat equine athletes.

Vetel Diagnostics has been committed to offering the veterinary industry the most efficient and precise equipment since 1999. Providing a full range of diagnostic modalities including top-rated Digital Radiography systems, Vetel is also in the business of offering devices to treat the injuries its imaging modalities help diagnose. The EQ Veterinary low-frequency therapeutic ultrasound device has now become a valuable addition to Vetel’s available selection of equine therapeutic options.

EQ Veterinary is an influential contributor to the market of equine therapeutic approaches. Their six different available longwave ultrasound transducers modulate a wide range of deep thermal and intense acoustic effects. They also create mechanical vibration in body tissues. These three forces are painless to the horse and contribute to the faster recovery of equine muscle, tendon, ligament, joint, and bone injuries. Low-frequency ultrasound therapy enhances the efficacy of other veterinary treatments when used in conjunction by accelerating cellular metabolic and enzymatic activity within tissues. This makes the EQultrasound an important asset in any equine veterinary practitioner’s therapeutic toolbox.

Dr. James Waldsmith, president of Vetel, is enthusiastic to be offering the highly regarded EQultrasound device. “The EQultrasound therapy system is a much-needed new modality to add to the therapy solutions we are able to offer.” He goes onto say, “It’s unique design and patented technology represents a much more effective ultrasound treatment device when compared to the technology previously available. The EQ veterinary device is one more drug-free modality available to horse owners and veterinary practitioners alike to aid in the treatment of pain and inflammation. We are very pleased to be able to offer it as part of our therapeutic product line.”

The CEO of EQ Veterinary, Lorenzo Da Madice, comments that he finds the recent partnership with Vetel of great value. “Vetel Diagnostics is a leader in the veterinary market, well known for the quality of their diagnostic devices as well as for their great customer support. EQ Veterinary is extremely pleased to announce this partnership! We believe our patented low-frequency ultrasound device is a perfect fit with Vetel’s cutting edge range of products so that practitioners can source from the same catalog both diagnostic and therapeutic equipment.”

About Vetel Diagnostics and EQ Veterinary

Born from the need to bring quality and value to veterinary diagnostics, Vetel maintains a perpetual drive to harness the digital world for the veterinarian. Combining the state of the art in imaging technology with the Metron™ AI-enhanced software platform, and dedicated to providing unsurpassed customer support, Vetel delivers simplicity, reliability, and precision to the daily lives of the veterinary practitioner. For full product offerings, click here.

EQ Veterinary is the original provider of an effective and transformative form of equine ultrasound therapy that accelerates the healing process of recovering body tissue. Providing results in both acute and chronic conditions, the EQultrasound presents a painless method of deep tissue cellular recovery that when used adjunct with other therapy, enhances their regenerative effects. To find out more about the EQultrasound, visit their website.

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