EQ Pro Therapy Guidelines – Horse Hindlimbs Conditions

Horse hindlimbs therapy

Muscle Pathologies

– Acute strains – video coming soon!
Chronic strains
– Contractures – video coming soon!
– Fibrosis – video coming soon!
Fibrotic myopathy

Tendon and Ligament Pathologies

Acute tendon injuries
Chronic tendon injuries
Acute ligament injuries
Chronic ligament injuries
– Inflammation of the suspensory ligament – video coming soon!
Insertional desmopathies
Tendon / ligament calcifications

Other Soft Tissue Conditions

– Edema – video coming soon!
– Sub-acute and chronic hematoma – video coming soon!
– Scar tissue softening – video coming soon!
Open wound healing
– Open cut healing – video coming soon!

Bone Pathologies

– Sesamoiditis – video coming soon!
– Splints (interosseous desmitis) – video coming soon!
– Microfractures – video coming soon!
– Osteoarthritis / DJD (ringbone) – video coming soon!

Other Treatments

– Sonophoresis – video coming soon!


Install on your smartphone the dedicated IOS and Android EQ Pro Therapy mobile apps to check out treatable conditions, access therapeutic guidelines with videos and much more.


ase note you can download and install the EQ Pro Therapy mobile app on your smartphone also NOT owning an EQ Pro unit.


Do NOT treat the following areas: head and eyes, uterus and testicles, heart area.
Treatment should NOT be performed if the horse has any of the following conditions: lymphangitis, thrombophlebitis, pregnancy, tumors or cancers, metal prosthesis.

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